CHARLESTON, SC

2005 Honor Award, SC Chapter AIA

The new Daniel Island Municipal Building for the City of Charleston is primarily a fire substation. It also contains spaces for EMS and city satellite offices including a police substation.

The building is located at the new center of Daniel Island at the crossing of the main roads across a small triangular shaped park.

The main facade is curved to accommodate the entrance which is "around the corner" near the parking area. This entrance is accented by a pergola structure. The pergola structure leads into a two story high porch separated from the two story lobby by a glazed wall. In addition there are separate entrances for employees and to the fire station.

The bow-shaped roof of the two lane truck bay repeats the curved shape of the facade.

The building also is located in a zone of an urban transition to an area yet to be developed with a pedestrian connection to the existing park. As such the building will become a part of an entrance to the new area.  


Completion Date: 2004 Cost: $ 2.3 million
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