2005 Honor Award, SC Chapter AIA

This 100,000 square feet school has an enrollment of 500 students and is located on the semi-rural John's Island in Charleston. The new school was built on the same site as the existing school buildings, so phasing of demolition was of primary importance. The main building was removed after completion of the new building. Its foundation walls, enclosing a garden, remain as a trace of the school past.

The site's primary feature are very large old oaks which become a focus of the new design. To accommodate and frame these oaks there are recesses and courtyards incorporated in the design. Parts of the building are rotated to front a secondary road. The rotated part is tied to the main building by a curved canopy porch with a large oak in the center of the circle marking the main entrance. The courtyards created through the rotation serve as entrance courtyards, as a point of congregation during lunch break, and as an outdoor area for the art room. 

Elements of the buildings which are shared by the community; cafeteria and auditorium, media center and gymnasium, are directly accessible from the outside. Major elements of the new school are the vocational classrooms which are grouped around the main courtyard together with the gymnasium and media center. Core academic classrooms are located on the second floor.

Completed: 2003     Const. Cost: $ 12.2 million

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