The Edisto Research and Education Center is one of five such centers in South Carolina operated by Clemson University. It is an agricultural research and extension service facility.

The program included a new main building with a larger auditorium, classroom and administrative facilities. A second building contains a head house adjacent to two new greenhouses with laboratories and work spaces related to the greenhouses. A third building fronting the existing laboratory building contains offices for the faculty. These buildings are arranged in close proximity and connected by covered walks.

The buildings are located on more than 1000 acres of farm land and the buildings occupy but a very small part of this land. In addition to the buildings shown on the site plan there are a large number of barns, equipment sheds and other farm structures of a less permanent nature. One of the objectives of the design was to push these buildings basically constituting a working farm more into the background and to create a more public entrance zone with the new buildings separating the work area from the public zone.

Completed: 2004      Const. Cost: $ 2.8 million

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